To have and to hold, to let go and to lose.

Is it really ‘heartbreak’

When you heart has been broken over and over

Ground into dust?

What do you call it then?

Tell me, I must know.



Tasting something that is no longer there

Remnants of emotional instability

The sunset doesn’t seem so beautiful anymore

How did it become so dull?

Attempts to master the art of stoicism – proven futile

It has to come out, the pain has to come out


Why don’t you ever write me back?

All you’ve done is stuck the proverbial knife in my chest

And killed me

And dug up my body

Only to stab me again


A very short lived  chapter is coming to an end

Thank you for all the things you’ve taught

Especially how not to let someone treat me

My hurt won’t stop me from loving another

My ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’

Will be just right for the [right] one


I am his, but he is not mine

What a heavy weight to carry

Writing pretentious poetry to ease the pain of knowing

It was never meant to be

Let us enjoy this while it lasts

“You mean a lot to me” (What does that even mean?)


And it was beautiful.

Whispered I love yous

Secret touches in public

Exchanged glances

We made our souls into one

But it was time to let go


Spirit crushing

Until we cross paths again

And it was beautiful.



It makes me want to toss myself to the jackals

Let them tear me apart – the pain will be far less

Than what I am dealing with now

Being hapless in love.