Captain’s Log, day (?)

I seem to have been stranded in love. No one is coming to rescue me.

There are some days when it is bearable – enjoyable, even.

Then there are the days when I want to rip my hair out at the uncertainties. 

Who knows, who knows.


Attracting admiration at every affair attended

She was the belle of the ball

But little did they know that the belle was bellicose

Invoking conflict, and oh so verbose…


Taking evening strolls, for our evening souls

Singing ballads unto the beloved moon

Knowing we’d need to part soon

We tried to make a pact in blood

Desperate to stay together

Twin flames, yes

But the ties had to be severed




I felt the cadence of your voice run through my veins

Whilst reading your letters

I thought that it was so romantic that you still wrote them, after all these years

I remember the very first one.

It was a decade ago

And you wrote me a sonnet of sorts

That betrayed the love you were trying to hide from me

My only regret is that I never wrote back

And all I have is this, and a single rose to leave at your tomb.