There was this gaping hole that couldn’t be filled through fumbling in the dark
With a leather-bound notebook, furiously writing about the could haves & should haves
Years of memories that are seemingly purging itself through unwelcome dreams (hopefully)
A hole that is slowly closing because of the realization that that call will never come
And that it’s time for that bloody organ to stop skipping a beat with every beep & ping the phone makes
This is a small city, running into each other is a huge possibility
Yes, there is a smidgen of anxiety at the thought
But life goes on
And it is far too short to brood on a miscontrued whatever ‘this’ was

Sometimes we don’t get closure & that’s okay
It is finally okay
This is a chapter that has now been rendered null & void
So I bid you adieu and all the best
Wherever you might be.

This is my last poem about you


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