Where does the inspiration even come from? Some thrive off depression, unfortunate situations & the like; others flourish in serenity, maybe a white noise youtube video playing in the background. I have a goal to write a book of poems (and prose?) and I intend to complete it, no matter how long it takes. The thing is, writer’s block occurs so often with me. So often that I feel fraudulent in calling myself a poet. Being unemployed and very much broke, I am almost always home, so there is not even the ‘go for a leisurely walk and be motivated by the surroundings’ factor to go off of. I dream of writing professionally one day. Magazines, newspaper columns, anything. What would life be like if I had majored in Journalism/Communications? At times, I wish 2008 would just come back so I could rewrite my university application. But for now, these sporadic moments will have to do.


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