Wanderlust or nah?

I have an ache to roam. To leave my home & just roam. The thing is money doesn’t come by so easy for me. Bad decisions, bad judgement has left my family in a rut. I don’t even have a passport. I always have to use the fee to help out my mother in paying bills. I’ve never been outside of my country & now I have this gnawing desire to flee. Maybe, never come back. It stems partly from wanting to run away from my past/present hurts but you know all o’ that (supposed to be) covered unda di Blood!
I try not to be jealous when I see all these people who are the same age as me, or worse – younger, going all over the world while I’m here in my bed wondering where the next bus fare is going to come from. I am working on being contented. It’s hard, being jobless, and wanting to travel. Probably I will start when I’m 25 (2 years), 30…or I might not get the opportunity to. But, I want to travel in the spirit with Jesus. I want the Holy Ghost to fill me up. The lifelong journey with Him is what I need. Wanderlust or not.


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