I imbibed your words like an alcoholic to his 5th glass of whiskey

They were strong, yet I acquired a taste for it

It made me forget all my troubles; I felt loved, I felt wanted.

I craved you all the time, needing to get a fix

I had suddenly become more confident, walked with my head upright

I felt more beautiful

As I drank more & more of you, there was a lapse in judgement

Not realizing our  tête-à-têtes was just a game to you, you meant nothing by it

They were only to gratify your selfish wants

My heart began to stagger & my body became immobile

I was left stupefied

And was forced to go cold turkey – I had to let go

Occasionally, I still crave bits & pieces of your colloquialisms

But who wants to go back to square one?


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