A girl like me.

I scowled at  the scantily clad girls roam the grounds of the film  festival. There I was, hoping that I’d finally gotten the chance to be in a new atmosphere, where I could meet persons of a sophisticated calibre. Ha! I felt over dressed in my long sleeved top & maxi skirt, accentuated by my favourite(only) cross body bag. They were only there to see the young man from our university, who would be having his film debuted. He was in my class, I didn’t even bother to learn his name, for I thought he was rather snooty & pretentious.

As I observed the girls fawning over him, I felt a tinge of jealousy run through my veins, stemming from my lack of self esteem due to my state of obesity. Okay, I’m not obese. I am rather pudgy though & it irks me to the ninth degree. They could wear those little shorts that rode on their bums while I was subjected to long sleeves and skirts. Not that I’d even think of wearing such clothing, but I’d like the body to pull it off.

His film began & as I sat there under the dim tent, I noticed that he was staring at me. To make sure I wasn’t imagining this time around (I always thought he tried to glance at me during classes), I stared right back. Our eyes met, like lovers consummating on their wedding night. It was rather intense. Why me though? What did I have that he wanted? Sure, I was smart, but I wasn’t pretty. Maybe he wanted someone to work behind the scenes on his next project. Did he plan to woo me in order to work with him for mediocre wages & long hours? Not me, buddy. I took a class on feminism (ha!).

I missed a good twenty minutes out of the forty-five minute film because I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, trying to figure out the reason for his piercing gaze, with those lovely hazel eyes…

“Hi, gorgeous.”

I looked up. It was him. I put on the most nonchalant air I could dig up within the layers of my subconscious & I replied calmly


“Did you enjoy my film?” He asked.

“It was alright.”

He chuckled. “Just alright? That’s it? Well, would you like to discuss why it was only…alright?

“Sure, why not?”

“I know you only drink tea. That’s the only beverage I saw you with around campus. There’s this great place down the road, if you wish to go. Here’s my number.” He had such immaculate handwriting. I compared it to mine, that looked like chicken’s feet dipped in ink.

“I’ll let you know.” I started walking away. When I got around the corner, I crumpled the paper & threw it in the nearest rubbish bin I could find.

What would he want with a loser like me?


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