The girl who adored him, who would do anything at the drop of a hat for him

Who would give herself any time he desired and luckily got a text the next day

Who would share laughs with him and run to him when stress had arised

Who considered him to be a close friend, who accepted the fact that he always had

Someone, someone that was not her, who accepted that she was never good enough

To be seen in public, only for nightly visits

Who yearned to be explored in a way that wasn’t sexual

Who became she girl she vowed to never be, in hopes of becoming more than the one he stuck his phallus in

Who figured he had no clue about how she felt or chose to ignore it for his benefit

Who deleted his number numerous times but it’s still etched in her mind like a fresh wound

Whose heart still skips a beat whenever she sees a message from him

Who’s found someone better, but won’t let him love her

Because he deserves better

Who could love someone so bruised?


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